What kind of Zagreb do we want? Learn more on the Subversive festival

May 8, 2015

FOTO: Goran Hrubi

What are the drivers for post carbon transition in local communities and which post carbon initiatives already exist in Zagreb would be the topics of an upcoming panel discussion organized by UNDP Croatia within Subversive festival, on 15 May 2015, from 5 pm to 7 pm in Zagreb (Kino Europa).

  • Green areas and parks
  • Cycling infrastructure
  • Public squares 

  • Public transportation

When asked about what would they like to see more in their city, those were the majority of citizens responses.  Put it another way, if citizens are asked, transition to post carbon cities should start as of today. 

The panel, organized by UNDP Croatia under the Pocacito project, is followed by last year TED-x event under which many speakers presented possible way to a transition to post carbon cities

The aim of the Pocacito project is to develop a roadmap for post carbon city of Zagreb, in active and interdisciplinary consultation process with local stakeholders and citizens. 

Guests on Subversive festival would be invited to fill-in the questionnaire about the post carbon initiatives in Zagreb, which they are part of or aware of, so that the full map of such initiatives can be created. 

For more information visit www.subversivefestival.com.