UNDP-GEF Annual Performance Report: Advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda

Jun 23, 2015


UNDP-GEF Annual Performance Report

The seventh UNDP-GEF Annual Performance Report marks an expansion of the scope of projects included in the report in order to provide a more comprehensive picture of the portfolio of projects managed by the UNDP-GEF Unit. 

The total portfolio of 526 projects listed in the Annex cover 132 countries and represents a total grant investment of USD 1.99 billion. Combined with an additional USD 8.35 billion in co-financing this represents USD 10.35 billion invested in the environment and sustainable development priorities of 132 countries. 

Issues such as climate change, airpollution, biodiversity loss, unsustainable fishing, and desertification of land, amongst others, all have profound impact on sustainable development; they underpin critical development issues such as food security, health, employment, poverty, gender equality, governance, and education. 

The results highlighted in this seventh annual performance report detail how the projects we support are tackling the underlying drivers of environmental degradation, delivering integrated solutions at scale, and seeking multiple environmental and development benefits at national and global levels. 

This report also chronicles our evolution in improving the way we operate, and demonstrates our long-standing commitment to be transparent and accountable to our country partners, the global community and those who have entrusted resources to us.