Free internet and summer cinema in the Roma settlement Sitnice

Jul 3, 2015


Residents of the Roma settlement Sitnice in the Medjimurje County this summer will be able to use free internet via Wi-Fi network and enjoy the summer cinema. These good news for Sitnice are possible thanks to the support of EEA/Norway Grants, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and the Zamah Foundation. The project “Free internet in Sitnice” was written by expert for EU funds within the UNDP project Platform for Roma Inclusion in Medjimurje - Phase II, with the goal to draw more EU funds for social inclusion of Roma. 

This is another indicator of the development of the Roma settlement Sitnice that could be an example to others. With the help of EU funds, settlement has already received a complete utility infrastructure, and major breakthroughs were made in the field of education for Roma children who attend kindergarten and elementary school in Mursko Središće. 

On this occasion, police officers from the county have set up a mobile Prevention Center in Sitnice, and talked with locals about safe use of the Internet with an emphasis on children, whose safety on the Internet is of particular importance. They were introduced with the benefits and the risks of the virtual world. 

Access to quality public services and encouraging Roma to be initiators of social activities in their communities is one of the goals of the UNDP project Platform for Roma Inclusion in Medjimurje - Phase II. National guidelines and policies are not enough for solving the obstacles that Roma face every day, and it is necessary to act at the local level by involving different actors. Empowerment of the Roma community and access to tools such is the Internet are one of the steps in the process. 

UNDP also implements a series of activities for social inclusion of Roma and it recently has supported a film festival in Sisak-Moslavina County whose part was dedicated to Roma culture.