Crowdfunding Academy: From the idea to the change in the community

Jul 14, 2015


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia and the social enterprise BRODOTO organized from 30 May - 20 June 2015 in Zagreb, the Crowdfunding Academy that sparked great interest straight from the beginning.

From received more than hundred interesting projects, at the end, only 13 teams were selected to attend the Crowdfunding Academy due to their outstanding quality, innovation and high level of motivation. During three educational modules, through lectures and work with mentors the teams slowly got to know the advantages and challenges of crowdfunding and gained knowledge that will facilitate the conduct of its own crowdfunding campaigns.

In the first module entitled „Introduction and elements of crowdfunding” teams have learned how to develop a business and financial plan, which are commonly used platforms and how to determine the target groups and to form a team.

Communication with the media, promotion on social networks, campaigns visibility and public support were topics that have been learned on second module „Public relations and social networks. “

The last module „Implementation of crowdfunding campaign" was dedicated to visual identity and campaign branding, choosing perks, building a network of supporters, as well as tips and tricks that differentiate successful from unsuccessful campaigns.

What to expect after the Crowdfunding Academy?

During the summer, teams will use the knowledge gained during the Crowdfunding Academy for preparation of campaigns and their successful launch in the autumn.

The story about crowdfunding in Croatia will further encircle the Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention, which will be held from 17 to 18 September 2015 in Zagreb. The convention will be attended by some of the currently most important names in the field of crowdfunding: Liz Wald (Indiegogo, USA), Anastasia Emmanuel (Indiegogo, UK), Luka Piškorič (Polygon, SLO) and initiators of many successful crowdfunding campaigns - Mihovil Barančić (Help Build Animal Shelter), Ivo Spiegel (European Startup Revolution), Yves Taquet (Goulash Disco Festival), Anže Miklavec (Goat Mug) and others.

Together with about 200 other participants, they will share their knowledge and experience in the preparation and implementation of the crowdfunding campaigns and try to find solutions to the obstacles to the further development of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding as an alternative type of financing contributes to the development of entrepreneurship and encourages funding of public and private projects in Croatia, as evidenced by last year's crowdfunding campaign for the "Energy independent Ostrog Primary School" in Kastel Luksic.

On this occasion, through a web platform Indiegogo was raised USD 10,000, which encouraged other actors to get involved and invest a total of over HRK 800.000 in the energy renovation of school and the construction of solar power plant. The Ostrog Primary School became an example to the others what can be done by joint action, as well as a roadmap for future development projects.

The Crowdfunding Academy is only the beginning and the first step in gathering crowdfunding community in Croatia and a certain critical mass that will use crowdfunding for changes in the local community, the development of entrepreneurship and education, and for positive impact on people's lives.



For additional information about crowdfunding please follow Crowdfunding Academy Blog, Facebook and Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention website.