Sustainable development of Jadrtovac and Morinj would benefit to the entire Šibenik area

Sep 11, 2015


The development plan for settlement Jadrtovac and Morinj Bay presented in Šibenik

ŠIBENIK, September 11, 2015 – How the Morinj Bay and settlement Jadrtovac near Šibenik might look like in the future were discussed today with the representatives of the City of Šibenik and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia that worked together on the development plan for this area. The project is worth HRK 140,000 and it aims at sustainable development of less developed and rural area of Jadrtovac.

During the implementation of the project, from January to July this year, a series of individual meetings with various interest groups and workshops was organized and possible plan for development of the area was defined. As a result, 14 project ideas were identified from which three of them were further elaborated so that their implementation can start as soon as possible.

“Morinj Bay is valuable space of preserved nature and rich cultural heritage, a marine lagoon included in the Natura 2000, which is only 8 km away from the center of Šibenik. As such, the bay offers more development opportunities, primarily in the domain of rural, excursion and health tourism as well as extensive and intensive agricultural production. In this area, there are already several projects related to ecological wine and olive growing that in recent years have received grants through the UNDP’s project COAST," said Ivana Laginja, Project Manager from UNDP Croatia.

"Sustainable development of the area, which is closely linked to agriculture, environmental protection and tourism, namely green entrepreneurship also coincides with the objectives of the City Development Strategy and contribute to its realization," said Danijel Mileta, Deputy Mayor.

The plan for integral development of Jadrtovac and Morinj Bay includes the key data about the area, its natural and cultural values, human resources, the situation in agriculture and nature protection, municipal infrastructure and other issues vital for its further development.

The basic precondition for this development is the creation of partnerships between settlements in the Morinj Bay, the development of projects that will direct local communities on networking and cooperation, as well as create broader partnerships between local authorities, private sector and civil society. 

Sustainable development of settlements Jadrtovac and Morinj Bay methodologically follows up on two previous UNDP’s project “Every drop matters – revive the Gacka River!'' which was completed in 2011 and “Project hunters” which was completed in 2014. Public presentation of the Plan for the residents of Jadrtovac and Morinj Bay took place on 1 July in Jadrtovac.