The future of financing projects lies within crowdfunding

Sep 21, 2015


ZAGREB, September 21, 2015 - Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention, a two-day event dedicated to the group financing, held on 17 and 18 September attracted to the Trešnjevka Cultural Centre more than 200 participants who had the opportunity to learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. The event was organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and social enterprise BRODOTO. 

Financing of various projects is becoming more innovative and we believe that crowdfunding will be soon widely recognized in Croatia which is shown by thirteen teams who have just successfully completed our Crowdfunding Academy. During the convention, they showed how much they have learned and progress in the implementation of their projects. We are looking forward to see the launching of their campaigns in the following next months", said Sandra Vlašić, Head of Office of UNDP in Croatia. 

It is estimated that on a worldwide basis during this year crowdfunding will exceed USD 34 billion, which is five times higher than in 2013, while the World Bank estimates that by 2020 this amount will exceed USD 100 billion which will encourage more than two million job openings. In Croatia, last year 45 projects were launched on crowdfunding platforms, and only 14 of them were successful with collected more than HRK 2 million. 

"Group financing is complementary to traditional ways of financing projects, and in order to better exploit its potential, it is necessary to work on his understanding, which is why the events such this are of particular importance”, said Zdenka Lončar, Assistant Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Croatia. The importance and potential of crowdfunding for financing innovative projects were also pointed out by the other participants of the convention. 

“It has been shown in the world that crowdfunding can be a tool for initiating social changes; this is exactly what we are trying to do by launching our own crowdfunding campaign that starts on Monday with its main focus on helping refugees", said Marko Gregović from social enterprise BRODOTO. 

Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention ended with lectures from Anastasia Emmanuel, Indiegogo director for Europe who told all the participants and campaign leaders: “Do not be afraid to realize your dreams, dream big, but start slowly. Focus on one goal and think about how to bring your projects to the global level”.