Enhanced SEE contribution to global peace and security

Oct 13, 2015


SEESAC presented its regional platform for deployment of highly-trained experts

The Regional Security Sector Reform Platform (RSSRP) was presented to EU officials and the expert public on 21 September, 2015 in Brussels. The event, hosted by the European Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), marked the public launch of the platform and was an opportunity to raise awareness among key EU partners to its benefits.

The Head of DG DEVCO Unit 07 on Fragility and Resilience Dr. Elena-Denisa Ionete, opened the event highlighting that achieving progress towards peace is not a two–three yearlong commitment, but requires decades-long partnerships. The longstanding good cooperation between UNDP SEESAC and the EU is an example of just such a partnership. Even though there are “no single check-in approaches, we have to benefit from what is already out there and proved to work”, as is the case with SEESAC’s work in the region, she said and recognized the new partnership with the RSSRP as both efficient and rational.

As a past beneficiary of the SEESAC work, Croatia is well placed to understand the benefits of this platform. The Development Officer at the Permanent Representation of Croatia to the EU Koraljka Deur, stressed the importance of personal safety and security in achieving development, placing Security Sector Reform at the center of both peacebuilding and development efforts. To be successful and meaningful, the SSR measures need local ownership and full gender sensitivity, Deur said at the presentation, adding that Croatia fully supports the RSSRP and encouraging EU partners to use its provisions.

SEESAC Coordinator, Dr. Ivan Zverzhanovski, and SEESAC Regional Advisor Danijela Žunec Brandt. Jointly presented the mechanism. “Launched in September 2015, the platform includes a roster of over 50 experts working on different aspects of Security Sector Reform (SSR) processes, in particular on small arms and light weapons control, and gender mainstreaming in SSR”, SEESAC Coordinator Dr Zverzhanovski said during the presentation adding that the experts come from the region’s militaries, police, border, and customs services; defence, foreign affairs and interior ministries, as well as other government bodies.

Over 30 participants from the EU institutions, governments, civil society organizations and private sector attended the event “UNDP SEESAC Regional Security Sector Reform Platform, Enhanced SEE contribution to global peace and security”.

*The RSSRP has been developed by UNDP SEESAC in cooperation with the Governments in South East Europe with the aim to foster South-South Cooperation through provision of quick, effective, and demand-driven, short-term targeted technical support. The Platform blends SEESAC’s practical project development and implementation capacity, with the regional Roster of Experts, approved by the participating states, and selected for their proven track-record and current hands-on experience in national policy design and implementation coupled with participation in SEESAC regional projects and initiatives. The experts include police inspectors, high ranking military officers and specialists in anti-terrorism, stockpile management and ammunition maintenance, as well as arms transfers control professionals, lawyers, researchers.