Roundtable and Workshop: Green Energy in the Ownership of Citizens, Green Cooperatives and Local Community

Apr 19, 2016


In cooperation with the Green Energy Cooperative, Regional Development Agency DUNEA, Elementary School Ostrog, Platform for the Good Economy and the Energy Cooperative Kaštela, UNDP Croatia is organising a roundtable and a workshop “Green Energy in the Ownership of Citizens, Green Cooperatives and Local Community”.  The event will gather representatives of local and national government, 10 energy cooperatives, the Ethical bank and organisations focused on topics of sustainable development in Croatia, with a goal to present possible solutions for active inclusion of citizens and green cooperatives in the energy transition.

Law on renewable sources of energy and highly efficient cogeneration applied from the 1st of January 2016 enables the citizens installation and connection of solar systems to their households for private spending, with the possibility to give back the surplus to the network at a retail price. This possibility is an important contribution to the transition from fossil to renewable sources of energy in Croatia. Especially when taking into consideration that in Croatia there are only about 1000 solar roofs installed. For comparison, in Germany there are more than 2 million, with more than half of renewable energy sources in the property of citizens, farmers and cooperatives. This new opportunity in Croatia also asks for identifying the most appropriate models for including citizens and energy cooperatives to the transition process.

Focus of the roundtable and the workshop will be on models of including citizens in the ownership of renewable energy facilities built on the public land, which is a criteria for building such facilities according to the new law. Besides that, the discussion topic will be the technical possibilities for neto measuring of a given and taken surplus of energy from private renewable energy facilities.

“Today, photovoltaic modules don’t cost the fifth of the price they were costing 7-8 years ago. Price decrease of solar energy is amazing - that’s why we have to use this opportunity to increase the solar energy use in Croatia” explains Mislav Kirac from UNDP Croatia. Finding models for turning citizens from passive observers to active participants in the energy transition is a task for all renewable energy advocates in Croatia. That’s why the roundtable and the workshop are aiming to connect them in a dialogue that will enable finding the most appropriate solutions.