UNDP-GEF project PARCS and National Geographic Croatia

Jun 15, 2016

Photo: Krunoslav Rac


Stories and pictures, from month to month, from one park to another– join us on this splendid journey through the nature of Croatian Parks!


The values, attractions and our dedication to preserve Croatian National and Nature Parks are taking us to another journey - with the National Geographic Croatia monthly. As of this June, the UNDP-GEF project PARCS is taking you with NGC to visit all our national and nature parks! Through 19 stories about the parks, get to know details you have never heard about, get to know values and treasures we care about and we would like to preserve. From month to month you would be able to read about Croatian Parks and learn new things about our protected areas.


The first in the row is Nature Park Velebit, our Sacred Mountain!