Tilagus – latin word for a bay that looks like three connected lakes. In Croatian – Telašćica Nature Park!

Aug 8, 2016

Telašćica Nature Park, photo UNDP

As we wrote in June, UNDP-GEF project PARCS in cooperation with National Geographic Croatia presents all nineteen protected areas - National Parks and Nature Parks in Croatia with a series of stories.

These stories guide us through the well-known attractions as well as through the unknown hidden places of Croatian National and Nature Parks. The stories come from the experts and from the local people who live within the parks or in their surroundings. The people who create the local livelyhoods with their way of living and who tell us what the best tourist guides won't tell!

In June Velebit Park told us his story, in July those were Brijuni Islands Park, in August we bring you the story of Telašćica Nature Park. Come cruise with us through the stunning nature of Tilagus!